Thank You Mommy For Killing Me!



If the enemies of Planned Parenthood wanted to make them look bad, they could not done have a better job than the baby-killing corporation did with its new slogan and ad campaign. The slogan? “Care. No matter what.” The ad campaign, “Your Baby Will Thank You.”

Too bad Dr. Kermit Gosnell didn’t think of the slogan first. He could have boasted, “We provide baby-killing care no matter what. In the womb. Outside the womb. Early in the pregnancy. Late in the pregnancy. You just come in pregnant, we guarantee you’ll leave without a baby – although we might just keep some of the baby parts as trophies of the excellent ‘care’ we provide.”  Is this abortion in America today?

Yes, mothers, your babies would certainly have thanked you for bringing them to such a caring doctor: “Mommy, I started to whimper and I was so afraid, but then that nice man snipped my spine, and I didn’t feel anything anymore.” READ THE REST HERE…

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