Cities4Life Charlotte Joins ICU Mobile


ICU Mobile LogoCities4Life™ has joined ICU Mobile®, a pioneer and leader of mobile ultrasound clinics, to expand our ministry in Charlotte by deploying a new ICU Mobile clinic this fall.


Working with affiliates in our Charlotte LIFE Network, along with innovative tools from On-Line for Life™ and ICU Mobile, our Registered Nurses and Client Advocates will meet abortion-minded women in front of the abortion clinics and in neighborhoods throughout our city.



ICU Mobile’s mission is to provide women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy the free opportunity to confirm her pregnancy via a pregnancy test and a limited obstetrical ultrasound; enabling her to see her unborn child in order to make an informed life-affirming decision and to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



The mobile ultrasound is critical in ministering to women because statistics show that more than 70% of women considering an abortion choose life after seeing their baby on an ultrasound. In 2012 the ICU Mobile fleet reported an amazing 87.8% of abortion-minded women choose life after seeing their baby on-board of an ICU Mobile.



For more than a year Cities4Life has worked with the H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe, another ICU Mobile affiliate and a member of the Cities4Life LIFE Network, to bring their ICU Mobile clinic to Charlotte twice a week as a resource for sidewalk counselors at the Latrobe abortion clinic. Once deployed the new mobile clinic will supplement this existing partnership with a long term goal of having an ICU Mobile clinic parked in front of every abortion provider in Charlotte.


Since 2008 sidewalk volunteers in Charlotte have rescued women from abortion and saved 1,777 babies (as of August 1st, 2013) by praying with women and sharing the Gospel at the gates of our city’s three abortion clinics. Praise the Lord for these changed lives and babies, but MORE MUST BE DONE to end abortion in Charlotte and across the nation!


The new ICU Medical clinic will operate six days a week. It will start out each day in front of a Charlotte abortion clinic followed by scheduled stops in Charlotte neighborhoods to rescue abortion-determined women before they call an abortion provider. The team on board will work to refer clients to other Cities4Life Network affiliates for follow-up care.


ICU Mobile’s ministry is based on what Jesus said in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations…”


Go Serve Women

A clear directive from Christ, GO.

Not given an option to do anything else but GO.

He calls us to action and the expectation is to GO.

GO is who we are and what we do.

GO serve women – specifically those considering abortion.

GO save lives – specifically the unborn.

GO share Jesus.

Donate Now

Please help rescue a baby from death by donating today.


We need your help to make sure that we are there – on the internet and beyond – for every abortion-minded person who is looking for answers.

By partnering with Online for Life & ICU Mobile we are able to carefully track the ratio of internet impressions to life decisions made, Using this new approach we can confidently tell you that your gift of just $50 will ensure 13 abortion-determined women see our message online;


$100 will generate calls for help from 5 women in Charlotte.

and a gift of $360 can save a baby from abortion.


SherrySherry Desloge, a Cities4Life volunteer in Charlotte, recently visited Memphis to experience first-hand the effectiveness of deploying an ICU Mobile clinic into city neighborhoods to reach abortion-determined women. Sherry’s observations from her July visit are below:


As a Registered Nurse already trained in limited ultrasound I was curious, excited and blessed to actually live out this new ministry model. In my mind, so much of the my work at hospitals and on the sidewalks hadn’t fulfilled the ministry possibilities I imagined, but once on board I witnessed how ICU Mobile could finally fulfill Christ’s calling on my life.


“He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds.” – Psalms 147:3


Life is precious and being able to literally GO to these women in their culture and in their neighborhoods in order to meet them and offer a FREE opportunity to SEE their unborn child presents a one of a kind, mission opportunity for me and the rest of the team to share the Gospel in a non-judgmental, non-political and non-coercive environment.


ICU MobileAs we were preparing to GO that first morning, with prayer and devotion I realized that I was stepping up into a respite where women could experience a true re—CREATION of Life. As we departed I was eager to bring the culture of LIFE to girls and women facing a “crisis” of pregnancy in a unique new way. I knew then I was ‘Called’ to GO with this ministry.


Throughout the day, the team on board, a nurse and a client advocate/counselor, pause in between appointments to share their personal stories with me. I notice an undeniable commonality rooted in each of them – an unwavering faith and an undeniable calling by God to serve on-board the clinic. The mission to reveal life at the crossroads of decision is both simple, via information and the truth of an ultrasound, and profound via the Good News. And that is exactly how it takes place.


Shortly after parking at a specific, highly visible site, I start to hear shaky taps on the RV door. As each woman walks on-board you can see the confusion and fear of an unplanned or even unwanted pregnancy painted on her face. To my surprise, as the atmosphere of peace and life on-board the medical clinic greets them, I notice their bodies are not as rigid and hearts slowly open as they share their story….We simply listen.


choicesThey ask, “Where did you come from?” while others say, “I am so glad to be here! This is an answer to prayer.” Inevitably some ask, “Are you coming back? Can I tell others about you?” or “So how exactly did you know to come here?” …


During the course of the 45 minute confidential session clients slowly begin to sit back in the comfortable chair and relax. They embrace the safe environment and recognize the team truly cares about them. The nurse is performs an ultrasound in the back exam room while a simultaneous one-on-one session is taking place with another client in the front of the clinic. They closely work as a team to transition between clients at the appropriate time.


In this process I observe hearts turning and minds beginning to change. Imagine a young woman, maybe in abject poverty, maybe heading with a scholarship to college or in college and facing an unplanned pregnancy or feeling alone and carrying an unwanted baby.


What would you do? Even if you wanted to help where would find her before meeting her on the sidewalk outside of a local abortion clinic? What would you say when encountering her?


On the ICU Mobile clinic each woman experiences, maybe for the first time, Christ’s compassion and love to bring hope for a better future. Using proven training from ICU Mobile and innovative technology from Online for Life the team parks in her zip code and meets her in her time of need. The team is trained, prepared and dedicated to GO -serve women, save lives, and share Jesus.


key chainWill You GO With Us?


GO ahead of us by praying daily for Cities4Life and the ICU Mobile team of Charlotte RNs, Client Advocates and staff planning on serving this fall.


Help us GO by financially supporting Cities4Life in Charlotte. Your donation is needed to complete the purchase of the mobile clinic and to help offset the operating costs of our mobile ministry staff and on-going operating expenses to keep the ICU Mobile clinic on the road six days a week in Charlotte.

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  1. Cyndie Paul

    MANY Babies have died and are continuing to die. I need your help down here. PLEASE help me help Christ save the innocent. Help me to also pray that all the clinic in New York shut down

    • Lisa Metzger


      Please check out the Sidewalks4Life website to learn more on how to end abortion in your city. If you have a team of Bible-believing faithful missionaries and are interested in starting a Cities4Life chapter in your city, please let us know.

      Thank you for doing what you are in saving little lives! God bless your efforts!


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