Truth & Mercy in Action: Testimony & Life Network Spotlight


1926263_802711509757735_1870123231_oLast week, we highlighted our Life Network partner, The Prenatal Picture. We shared how they were such a blessing in helping a mom chose life to see her little one and the baby’s gender on 3D Ultrasound. Today, we share another testimony of how our Life Network is working together to save lives and to help families in practical ways after they choose life. The events surrounding this testimony are recounted by Cities4Life sidewalk counselor, Celia Jimenez:

“Several months ago we were standing outside of the abortion mill and all of you were praying for us. A car drove up with a nervous, scared couple inside. I asked if they would be willing to go over to the Pregnancy Resource Center and see their baby on the ultra sound. He said yes…she was unsure. They agreed to follow me there.

Once there, I heard their story…this young man, “E”, lost his entire family in a tragic car accident eight years ago – his mother, father and siblings. His neighbor, “Ms. D”, became his spiritual guardian and helped him through his tragedy.

Fast forward eight bumpy years and now his girlfriend is pregnant. She was working full-time and going to school full-time and was not ready to have a baby. “A” was leaning towards an abortion. “E” was clearly torn and as we talked to him that day we could see that his heart was already attached to his little baby.

We left them in the hands of the PRC but that afternoon I received a text from “E” saying THEY HAD CHOSEN LIFE FOR THEIR BABY!!! He told me that all the way to the abortion mill he had been praying that somehow God would help him…show him how he could save the baby. “And then you were there…it was like God sent an angel just when I needed it!! I will never be able to thank you for being right where you were today!”

A MONTH LATER THEY WERE MARRIED!!! And they are expecting their little son to be born in the next few weeks!!! Tonight we were able to meet with them and their neighbors, the “D’s”, to bless them with a lavish baby shower from Truth and Mercy Ministries. It was an incredible evening…sitting around the table and hearing God’s redemptive story weaving it’s way through all of our lives!!! For all of my faithful prayer warriors…THANK YOU…for your part in this amazing story!!!”

A baby’s life spared. A couple now married – blessed with a beautiful shower and supportive friends to bring this child into the world with lots of love! This is why we do what we do – standing outside the abortion mills, offering resources and the love and gospel of Jesus Christ! Truth & Mercy Ministry and founder and director, Sheryl Chandler, have been such a blessing as a Cities4Life Life Network partner.

Sheryl throws lavish baby showers for mamas in our area who choose life for their babies at abortion mills – providing maternity and baby clothing, cribs, car seats, high chairs, strollers, swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, pack-n-plays, diapers, wipes, formula, baby tubs, bottles, bibs, blankets, toys and books and more. Through these wonderful baby showers, it offers an opportunity for us all to stay connected to the mamas throughout and after their pregnancies, and also for the Gospel to be shared in a more intimate setting.

This is a wonderful ministry to support by way of donating new or gently used baby items or through financial donations. As you can see, through the testimony of “E” and “A”, the ministry of Truth & Mercy Ministry is making a difference and saving lives. To find out more about Truth & Mercy Ministry and how you can help Sheryl to help provide for practical needs of these mamas who need to hear God’s message of truth and mercy, please click here.

We thank God for his redemptive power in saving “E” and “A’s” baby boy and for the testimony that their marriage and family will be for future generations. We praise our God for this victory and are thankful for the efforts of Cities4Life Sidewalk counselors, like the Jimenez family, for being a voice for the voiceless and defenseless. To find out more about how you can become a voice for the voiceless and stand in the gap for them outside of local abortion facilities contact Lisa Metzger, our Outreach Coordinator, at

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