Aaron Women’s Clinic & Abortionist Douglas Karpen


The website for Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston, Texas has a slideshow of pretty pictures on it’s homepage, along with white and yellow flowers and things like “It’s all about you,” and “Every woman deserves world class care” scrawled across the screen.

But this place is far from the pretty and peaceful all-about-helping-women environment they are trying to portray. Any supposed health facility that offers abortion -the murder of children- is a place of evil and death and darkness; but disturbing and down-right frightening details have recently emerged in regards to Aaron Women’s Clinic and the illegal things that have been taking place there for years.

Aaron women's Clinic
Aaron Women’s Clinic


The abortionist that practices at this clinic is Douglas Allan Karpen. On May 13, 1988, Karpen performed an abortion on 15 year old Denise Montoya, when she was 25 1/2 weeks pregnant. Complications immediately developed after the procedure and Denise was taken to the hospital, where she eventually died of complications both directly and indirectly related to the abortion. READ THE REST HERE…

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