Followup on RU-486 Reversal Attempt


ru486 pillThank you to all on our Cities4Life team, Life Network and friends of the ministry for your fervent prayers for the mama who changed her mind and did not want to proceed with her abortion after taking the Ru-486 abortion pill on Saturday. Through connections within our Life Network and leadership team, Lisa Metzger was able to get Dr. Matt Harrison, our medical director, involved, who was the first doctor to successfully reverse the effects of the RU-486 drug. You can read more about that case here. The mama was going to see Dr. Matt yesterday but lost the baby suddenly at 2:00pm. Dr. Harrison was fully prepared to start the treatment, but two hours before the appointment the baby was passed and died.

Please pray for this mother who came to realize that aborting her child was the wrong choice and who courageously reached out for help to save her baby. She was so excited after seeing her baby alive on the ultrasound 9 weeks along but it tragically ended with RU-486 doing what it is intended to do. Thank you to all who were involved in attempting to save this precious baby’s life and for the care and compassion extended to this regretful mama. Though this is tragic turn of events, may God work this situation out for some good and for His glory. You can read yesterday’s initial blog entry about the events leading up to this story here. Also, if you or someone you know has regrets after taking the abortion pill and is need of help and resources, please contact the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline. They are available 24 hours a day.

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