Thank You Mommy For Killing Me!


If the enemies of Planned Parenthood wanted to make them look bad, they could not done have a better job than the baby-killing corporation did with its new slogan and ad campaign. The slogan? “Care. No matter what.” The ad … Continued

Sidewalk Counseling Training Date

SoCal Sidewalk Missionary Training


Next Saturday, May 25th, Cities4Life­™ in SoCal is offering a free Sidewalk Missionary training session sponsored by Choices Womens Resource Center, and hosted by Assure Pregnancy Clinic in Montclair. This is such an amazing opportunity for you to learn about what happens on … Continued

Tiny Hands Booklet

Tiny Hands Books Discounted in MAY!


Just $.50 to possibly save a life! We believe so much in what God is doing with the Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart crisis pregnancy booklet that we are offering them for just $.50 each. This is a full … Continued


Burning of Gosnell’s Murdered Babies in NC


Smoke Stacks from NC Incinerator READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE… However, as acknowledged by Villalobos, while it is illegal to incinerate third trimester babies in the state, Stericycle never asks about the contents of the boxes. Its waste acceptance policy … Continued

Drop Box the Movie

The Drop Box: Protecting Life


“The Drop Box” – Documentary PROMO from Brian Ivie on Vimeo. “The Drop Box” is a Documentary Film about a courageous man named Pastor Lee Jong-rak, leader of Jusarang Community Church in Seoul, South Korea. He and his small staff … Continued

How Will You Respond?


“If the abortion industry is guilty of wanting to keep society in the dark, society is guilty of wanting to be left in the dark. We don’t want to know about the severed body parts, the crushed skulls, the tiny … Continued

The Grave Consequences of Choice


It could be weeks until a jury decides Gosnell’s fate, but for some of the teary-eyed witnesses in the Kermit Gosnell trial, they’re already living with a life sentence of regret. Many will never recover from what they saw inside … Continued