Give The Gift of Life


Support Cities4Life

During this upcoming season of giving, when many of us will be giving more than usual, why not give in a way that makes an eternal impact?

Instead of buying more gifts to take up more room in your house this Christmas season, why not spend that money to help save babies who have a literal appointment to be killed by abortion in your city? Why not ask friends to donate to help save lives, rather than give you a gift? Every pre-abortion, resource-filled, gospel-centered packet that they hand abortion-determined women and men costs $1.50. Would you consider helping Cities4Life teams provide funds for the literature that helps to save lives like the 475 already saved in Charlotte just in 2014?

Send your gift by visiting our online giving page. Please leave a note in your cart that you are donating for literature. Whether you are able to give or not, please share this with others, so that they might have an opportunity to save lives, too!

If you have questions about this wonderful opportunity to give or are interested in investing in the ministry of Cities4Life in some other way, please contact Lisa at Your investment into this ministry is producing much fruit byway of saved lives and transformed hearts for the Gospel.

During the upcoming season of giving, let’s not forget the weakest and most needy among us- the innocent unborn. Thank you for partnering with us and for spreading the word about this opportunity to make an eternal impact for the glory of God!

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