The Pro-Life Message is Torture?


U.NFriends, we need your help to defend lives at the U.N! The Center for Reproductive Rights, an international pro-abortion agency, is trying to silence the pro-life message internationally by claiming that our message is of all things…TORTURE. According to The Center for Reproductive Rights, when we proclaim the message of life, it is inhumane or a form of torturing women. They have purposely framed their argument this way as to make a case that torturing citizens is not protected by the First Amendment or the Right to Religious Freedom. It is an all-out effort to silence the Church from proclaiming the beauty and Sanctity of Life.

How ironic that a group that advocates for the dismemberment and intentional killing of unborn children would try to pull the “torture card”. What could be more torturous than forcibly removing a defenseless, innocent, tiny human being from the safety and comfort of his mother’s womb by ripping him apart limb by limb. Rather than accepting the depravity of their own platform, The Center for Reproductive Rights would rather turn the tables. In their minds, telling a woman that it is wrong to murder her own child while offering her humane, life-affirming solutions and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the evil as opposed to the act itself of taking the life of your own child. The pro-abortion movement is losing ground, which is why it must go to such extreme measures to silence our message!

Please help the American Center for Law and Justice stop this deceptive lobby from going forward in the U.N. All you have to do is click here to sign the petition to defend life at the U.N. If legalized this effort could bring a halt to and even criminalize the sidewalk counseling ministry of Cities4Life and other ministries and organizations around the world that are stepping up to proclaim the message of Life and the Gospel. Don’t delay. Sign the petition TODAY and spread the word!

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