Burning of Gosnell’s Murdered Babies in NC


Smoke Stacks from NC Incinerator

However, as acknowledged by Villalobos, while it is illegal to incinerate third trimester babies in the state, Stericycle never asks about the contents of the boxes. Its waste acceptance policy is treated more like a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to the contents of the collected medical waste containers. North Carolina law prohibits the incineration of recognizable fetuses and newborn babies. 
“Stericycle’s willful ignorance of the aborted babies contained in the boxes does not exempt the company from accountability under the law,” campaign director Michael Marcavage said. “Furthermore, the collaboration between Gosnell and Stericycle must not be ignored, nor the modern-day Auschwitz that Stericycle continues to operate as it hauls away babies like trash and burns their bodies with tons of medical garbage.”
Therefore, just as Stericycle was held accountable in 2011 for illegally dumping aborted babies into a municipal landfill in Austin, Texas, the medical waste giant must be held responsible for any unlawful incineration of babies from Gosnell’s abortion facility, as well as the destruction of evidence. Furthermore, it is time that Stericycle be stopped from burning babies altogether, beginning with its North Carolina incineration plant. 
“If Gosnell had kept paying his Stericycle bills, who knows what evidence would have been left to convict him,” Marcavage stated. “Stericycle was willing to dispose of Gosnell’s so-called ‘waste’ for as long as they were profiting from the abortionist.”
CSS is calling upon citizens across the country to contact the environmental protection agencies in both Pennsylvania and North Carolina to demand an investigation, and to request that Stericycle no longer be permitted to burn aborted babies at its North Carolina incineration plant.
“Stericycle must stop facilitating the abortion holocaust in America and cease enabling those who are killing our nation’s children to stay in business,” Marcavage said. “We will not stop pursuing Stericycle until Stericycle stops collaborating with the abortion industry.”


“[N]either be partaker of other men’s sins. Keep thyself pure.” – 1 Timothy 5:22
A CALL TO ACTION: Will you join us in helping to stop Stericycle from treating our nation’s aborted children as trash and perpetuating the abortion holocaust in America? Write or call the following and let your voice be heard!
1) Contact Public Information Officer Cathy Akroyd with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources at 919-707-8200 or email cathy.akroyd@ncdenr.gov and request an investigation into Stericycle’s incineration of late-term and newborn babies at its incineration plant in Graham, North Carolina. Ask that the department revoke Stericycle’s incineration permit and enforce all applicable laws.
2) Contact Regional Director Lynn Langer with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at 484-250-5900 or email llanger@pa.gov and request an investigation into Stericycle’s collection, transportation and incineration of babies killed at Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility.
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