Two Amazing Stories!


Dear Friends of Life,

I’d like to share two of the most amazing stories I’ve come across in my 24-years of pro-life ministry. This report won’t be a regular one, because I want to focus exclusively on these two accounts to give them the prominence they deserve. Buckle your seatbelts. You’re in for a ride.


As you know, the pro-abortion forces in our culture love to tout the hard cases, seemingly to justify all abortions. After all, if you agree that it’s acceptable to acquire an abortion for rape, incest, or life of the mother, then it’s easier to do so for any reason. It’s a child all the same. Regretfully, I’m familiar with this fallacy of debate because I’ve erroneously used it myself, long ago in my pro-abortion days, before I encountered Christ, the risen Lord.


I learned about “Becca” in a roundabout way and I was called upon to help her with baby things. Indescribably, her story pierced my heart in an acute and profound way, partially because she and my daughter are only two months apart in age.


Becca was just 13 when a 30+ year old man in her apartment complex “befriended” her family. Things seemed fine for awhile, but then he learned the family members’ various schedules and knew that Becca was alone for about 30 minutes each afternoon after school. He took that 30-minute window of opportunity and forced himself upon Becca for a few successive afternoons.

Becca became pregnant.


The rapist went to prison.

Becca, her siblings, her mom, and her aunt are genuine Christians and, miraculously, they never considered abortion. I find this to be stunning, in light of their extremely difficult circumstances. I would think that it would at least have been a temptation, but they hold fast that it was never a consideration. I wish you could meet them all, as I did back in early August when I showered them with abundant and lavish provision from the Lord! The provision YOU provided! As they looked through all the wonderful baby gifts, they openly wept. These gifts met far more than practical needs. God used them to minister to their souls. They were freshly encouraged and reminded of God’s love and care for them, amid extremely challenging circumstances. This family was full of joy and hope for the future. They were brimming with eager expectancy.


I spoke with Becca several times about her challenges. Specifically, I asked her about “gossipers” at her school and how she handled it. With supernatural maturity and grace beyond her years, she succinctly stated, “They don’t know the truth, but I do.”


I am protecting her privacy by not showing you a photo of her, but she did graciously give me permission to tell you her story (changing the names) and show you  photos of her beautiful daughter, “Sara”, who was born about a month ago. I’ve seen this precious child and held her in my arms. Beholding this beloved image-bearer of God, who could now claim that she does not deserve to live?

 Obviously, we can’t comprehend fully what Becca and her family have been through, and what they will endure in the years to come. They have made incredibly hard choices to follow the Lord. Months ago, I asked them to consider adoption, but they were steadfast in their commitment to love and raise this child, and love certainly abounds in their home. Sara is embraced. Sara is cherished. Sara is wanted.


Sacrificially, they are making this work. Becca’s mom cares for the baby while Becca, now 14, attends her high school classes.


Of late, there has been much ballyhoo about “women’s issues” and “the war on women” this election cycle. Rape, and even legitimate rape, have been hot topics. All the while, little Sara was growing in her young mother’s womb, safe, protected and loved…and hidden from the strife of those who would use her difficult circumstances to benefit their rabid pro-abortion cause. Let her life impact you. Let her testimony affect you. Let it sink in and mark you.


Rape, incest, life of the mother. Aren’t these the exceptions that drive the abortion machine? Let me clearly state that these three “hard cases” comprise only 2% of all abortions. Not to say they don’t occur. They do. You just heard about Becca. Now read Helena’s story:


Helena is a 28-year old woman who emigrated from Liberia, Africa, escaping civil war. About 12 years ago, at the age of 16, she, several siblings, and her mother escaped her war-torn country. Tragically, her father was killed in the violence. The U.S. gave her and her family sanctuary. Helena had met Richard in a refugee camp prior to leaving Liberia. Both of their families ended up settling in the Charlotte area. They lived together and had a child, Ricky, who is now 7. About a year and a half ago, they started attending First Baptist Church in downtown Charlotte and they encountered the living Gospel. They committed their lives to Christ, got baptized and got married! She is now pregnant again, expecting a boy in just a few days. Katherine Hearn, a dear friend of mine who is a member at First Baptist, asked if I could help this family with baby things. Richard has been out of work for several months and – even worse – Helena has received a diagnosis of cancer. This is the third bout she’s had with the tumor in her leg. She’s been fighting this cancer on and off for eight years, since her pregnancy with Ricky. Obviously, she cannot safely receive radiation and chemotherapy treatment while pregnant. She has laid her life down for her unborn child, trusting in God’s sovereignty. Thankfully, she’s now days away from delivery and will soon be able to start the treatments, but she’s been patiently waiting and enduring for several months. She is in sharp pain and walks with the aid of a crutch. May God, the Great Physician, heal her totally and completely. May He honor Helena for her faith and steadfastness to His ways. May He bless and provide for this precious family, shown below.

 I ask you to consider these two stories carefully. These are the hard cases. These ladies are my HEROES. Thank you for sowing into Truth & Mercy so that I could serve and minister to these heroic people of God. In His time, may the Lord give them platforms to proclaim their powerful testimonies. He is at work in their lives. He is weaving a tapestry of beauty and grace, for their good and for His glory. May His name be praised.

Sheryl Chandler  (Truth and Mercies Ministries)

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