Truth and Mercies Update


Today C4L has the privilege to share with you some of the great things happening with Truth and Mercies. A ministry that ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of previously abortion-minded mothers who have changed their minds and chosen life for their baby.

“Prolife friends,

Last night, God sent a refreshing sweep of cool, crisp air to us in Charlotte. I have been crying out for spiritual refreshment and this abrupt weather change has been a physical evidence of what I’m praying for in my life. This brisk weather came, but only following a roaring, tumultuous storm, which ushered it in.


I often become “weary in well-doing”. I know The Lord warns against this and I pray for His strength to enable me to hold fast to my confession! I do, however, want to be completely spent and empty at the end of my life. I want to use up everything I have for His Kingdom, holding nothing back! In view of this, being “weary” can be a GOOD thing! Of course, He provides exactly what we need. This report will give you a few reasons for my weariness, but it’s a wholly wonderful weariness!


I showered Emelia on August 11, just a few days after my last report went out. Katherine Hearn, sidewalk counselor extraordinaire, had met Emelia at the Hebron Road abortion mill last spring. Katherine quickly called Gisela for some Spanish speaking help, and Gisela counseled Emelia over the phone. Emelia’s heart softened, she was moved to tears, and her baby was saved! Truth & Mercy showered Emelia with everything a mom and baby could need, including a brand new crib and mattress and a lavish abundance of other baby items. The Gospel was clearly communicated over lunch, thanks to Gisela’s translation and services again! God used all these different people to impart His love, His truth, and His mercy to both Emelia and her boyfriend. Her son, little William David, was born on my birthday, September 25. What a treat for me! He weighed 7lb 13oz. Here are photos from the shower and a couple of William, only five hours old:


I showered Gwen on August 18. Once again, God used Katherine to intervene and save another life. At the shower, I had the opportunity to meet Gwen’s mother, who is a refugee from Liberia. She escaped a brutal Civil War about 20 years ago. Gwen is only 15 and a highschool freshman. At the shower, Katherine and I took Gwen and her best friend out for dinner. We had a phenominal opportunity to share Christ with these young teens. It was a divine appointment and I pray God won’t let them forget a word that was spoken. They both have books and materials to help in their pursuit of the Lord. Gwen’s son, Johan, was born only a week after the shower on August 24. Whew. That was close! He was 3 weeks early. Because the baby was born early, she barely missed any school. This was an evidence of God’s kindness and provision. Here are pictures from the shower and the birth:



Just recently, I showered Tidisha, another young lady Katherine met at the Hebron killing center. She is 20 years old and has a 5-year-old daughter, Taylor. Tidisha is a sharp young lady and it was a joy to get to know her better. Her mother joined us for lunch and we had a wonderful Gospel-centered conversation. I had the opportunity to dispel many of Tidisha’s misconceptions about the Gospel. She realized that she has not been obeying Christ well and wondered if that disqualified her to receive His grace. I was privileged to tell her that God’s grace goes farther and deeper than our sin! What good news for us all! Pray that she comes to full faith and trust in Christ as Savior and Lord. She is expecting a baby girl, to be named Kayla, in early November. Astonishingly, SHE gave ME some baby items that she had duplicates of, including a crib and bedding set! That’s never happened at a shower before! She wants to help other women! Bless God! Here she is:

I want to THANK YOU for your generous response to my August update. I was in desperate straits, but you all have filled my storehouse well! Thank you so much! Operating this ministry is such a blessing because I get a front row seat to God’s miraculous provision. Thank you for serving Him by providing for these moms and babies in our midst. This is true religion. Who is more abandoned (orphaned) in our culture today than the unborn child? It’s a privilege and an honor to be able to encourage these moms to turn their hearts to their children. It’s a joy to share Christ with them, a message most have never heard accurately. The gifts meet a dire practical need. Given in the name of Christ, they reflect and express His love and kindness to the mother. This simply opens the door to then be able to share the message of truth and hope. The message of life and salvation. The glorious Gospel. Thank you for equipping me to do this work. May God richly bless you for it!

Remember, you can always donate to Truth & Mercy via PayPal on the website:
Alternatively, you can mail a check made out to Truth & Mercy to 4803 Crownvista Drive, Charlotte NC 28269
Donations of new or gently-used baby items are always welcome and appreciated!
Unfortunately, gifts are not tax-deductible.

A shout out of thanks to the GATE Pregnancy Center of Harrisburg for the huge vanload of baby clothing recently donated! Wow! What an abundance of fall and winter clothing! Bless you!

For His glory alone,
Sheryl Chandler
Truth & Mercy Prolife Ministries

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