Ambulance Hauls Away Woman after Abortion


This is an update to this previous post, a reminder of how abortion is tearing or city apart.

Ambulance Hauls Away Woman after Abortion Procedure at Charlotte Abortion Clinic 

Charlotte, NC (October 3, 2012)—On Monday, October 1, an ambulance was seen leaving A Preferred Women’s Health Center abortion clinic on Latrobe Dr in Charlotte with a patient inside. Pro-life volunteers praying at the clinic as part of the nationwide 40 Days for Life campaign reported that the ambulance arrived at the clinic at approx 3:05pm, and left at approx 3:15pm.


There were no sirens used. The pro-life volunteers contacted police for a record of the 911 call, and they learned that no calls were placed for medics at the Latrobe abortion facility on that day.


“We are alarmed that the ambulance sirens were silent despite such an apparently serious medical emergency,” said Gretchen Filz from the Charlotte Coalition for Life. “This was apparently a botched abortion; abortion may be legal, but this incident shows it is not safe. When is the state medical board going to review this clinic?”


The abortionist scheduled for Monday, Ron Virmani, was caught on video making racial slurs against adopting “ugly black babies” in July.


On Tuesday morning, when pro-life volunteers praying at the clinic expressed concern for the patient, a clinic worker commented on the patient’s medical history. The employee commented that the patient was high risk for abortion complications due to many c-section births and said that the woman was not bleeding when she arrived at the clinic for the abortion


“We were surprised to see the clinic staff so cavalierly divulging this kind of confidential information, and alarmed that they proceeded with the abortion given the woman’s apparent condition,” said Filz.


“Their last appointment is at noon,” said pro-life volunteer Lisa Metzger. “Why did it take three hours to get an ambulance there? Virmani usually leaves around 1:00 on Mondays…2:00 at the latest. The parking lot is usually clear by 1:30! So, they waited an awfully long time to call an ambulance.”


“It is fortunate that these kinds of situations are being exposed more and more by the presence of pro-life advocates at abortion clinics, especially during 40 Days for Life,” said Filz.


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