Grand Illusions: An Inside Look at Planned Parenthood


In the course of my research, I have found that the abortion industry very existence depends on secrecy, deception, and  distortion  of information. For this very reason, I strongly recommend George Grant’s book, Grand Illusions, because it provides much needed information that I’m sure Planned Parenthood would rather no one knew!

– Frank E. Peretti, Author

A few people in life have important things to say, but bore you to death saying them. Many other folks are eloquent, but have  nothhg  to tell you. In this book of George Grant’s – as always is the case with his writing– you get the best of both worlds.

–Joel  Belz, Publisher,  World  Magazine

You don’t really know the depths of the depravity of Planned Parenthood unless you have read George Grant’s Grand Illusions.  Many people have written about this evil empire, but no one has done a better job of revealing the nature of Planned Parenthood.

– Bill Price, President, Texans United For Life

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