What Would You Say?


Cities4Life wants the “What Would You Say” posts to be as interactive as possible. Not only is this good practice for thinking on your feet during everyday encounters you might have with people who oppose your worldview, but it is also good training for those who want to do Frontline Ministry outside of abortion mills. And remember, scripture addresses the root of these problems.

How would you respond to the woman in this video?

One Response to “What Would You Say?”

  1. Sheryl Chandler

    How tragic that you feel the desire to broadcast your murderous act on YouTube for the world to witness. Most people do their shameless deeds in in private.

    I also wonder about the progression of your abortion. You are in the beginning stages of it, having just recently taken the first dose of chemical poison, and your pride is evident. I wonder by the end, when you expel your child from your once-safe womb, or even 10 or 20 years down the road, if you would still feel the same way. You say that your 5-yr old son is “your world”. This child you aborted also your son, or your daughter. Would you not protect your 5-yr. old from any present danger? Why not this child? He or she is just as precious and worthy of your love and protection.

    You state health risks are what drove you to abortion, but you don’t disclose what those risks are. Have you seen qualified medical doctors to get second or third opinions? Many high-risk OB-GYNs successfully handle difficult pregnancies. I suspect, by your prideful attitude, that health risks are not truly the reason you are doing this. If they were, it seems to me that you would have sorrow over this abortion, instead of trying to “demystify abortion” on YouTube. I suspect, like many women before you, you are trying to justify and rationalize your decision by hiding behind the hard case of “medical risk”.

    It’s certainly too late for your child now, so I can only pray for your soul. Revealingly, you close your video with, “Have a blessed and godless day”. I suspect that godlessness is the root cause of your decision. I pray that you humble yourself and turn to the One who truly loves you and can heal you and free you from your selfish desires. He died to pay the penalty for the horrendous sin you committed today, and all the others you’ve committed as well. I pray that you recognize abortion as sin and that you come to understand your very desperate need for His forgiveness. Until that happens, you will continue down this path. You are on a dark and dangerous road. I pray you change courses. Come out of the darkness and into His glorious light. He loves you and has a better plan for your life. Seek Christ.

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