What Would You Say to Heidi?


Cities4Life wants the “What Would You Say” posts to be as interactive as possible. Not only is this good practice for thinking on your feet during everyday encounters you might have with people who oppose your worldview, but it is also good training for those who want to do Frontline Ministry outside of abortion mills. And remember, Scripture addresses the root of these problems.

After reading these REAL-LIFE statements and questions, please leave a comment as to how you would respond if you were face-to-face with Heidi.

“My name is Heidi & I am having an abortion on Friday. After I communicated with the spirit of the child I haven’t had yet (I’ve named her ‘Lily’) I felt like she knew I wasn’t ready for her to come yet. I had a dream about her. Since then I haven’t felt any more connection – it’s as if she has been released. This also helped me to feel a sense of closure.”

What would you say to Heidi?

2 Responses to “What Would You Say to Heidi?”

  1. Sam

    I would say, “if there really was a way to communicate with your baby, he or she would be begging you ‘don’t hurt me, don’t kill me.’ I know that because we humans have a God-given trait that we want to survive.” I would tell her that, “I value my own life, and I know she values her own life, and her baby will value his/her own life as well.” I would tell her that, “your baby is human, just like we are. He/she has a heartbeat, we have a heartbeat. It is growing and changing and we are growing and changing. Your baby is dependant upon nurishment and so are we. The point is your baby is human and it is meant to be inside its mother’s womb at this point in his/her life, just like we were meant to be inside our mother’s womb at same point in our lives and we are humans then and now.”…”As for your feelings, feelings are deceptive and unreliable, feelings are not reality.” I would tell her that, “there is a God in heaven that blessed her with a child and that God is perfect and cannot make mistakes.” I would ask her, “if she knows who Jesus is?” I would tell her, “Jesus loves her and her baby and He is longing for a relationship with her.” I would tell her, “there’s no other way to God than through his Son Jesus, and all other paths lead to internal destruction.”..Hopefully save her and her baby.

  2. Jubilee

    First, do you really think that if the baby could communicate with you while still in the womb, that she would ask you to kill her? That makes little sense. There is however, considerable evidence that babies are able to feel the pain of the abortion. It is a cruel death that happens anonymously, whereas if we could see it taking place outside the womb, we would be appalled and not permit it.
    Also, the baby has no control over when he/she is conceived. Of course, it is important to be prepared for a baby, but then who is perfectly ready? There is more to think about here than just whether or not you are ready. If the baby is within you, it’s time. We spend far too much time trying to redo our lives, when there is actually so much healing and redemption in living out what God has placed before us. How do you know that that baby will not be an absolute blessing to you? More than 2000 years ago, God placed a baby into the womb of a young woman, and I’m sure she was not completely ready for that responsibility, but she is now revered as the woman who raised Jesus Christ. Because of Him, every life is worthwhile, and every life has potential. If He gives us a chance in His Mercy, we should give others a chance.

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