What Would You Say…to Miriam?


Cities4Life wants the “What Would You Say” posts to be as interactive as possible. Not only is this good practice for thinking on your feet during everyday encounters you might have with people who oppose your worldview, but it is also good training for those who want to do Frontline Ministry outside of abortion mills. And remember, Scripture addresses the root of these problems.

After reading these REAL-LIFE statements and questions, please leave a comment as to how you would respond if you were face-to-face with Miriam. And, yes, these are true stories.

What Would YOU Say to Miriam?

Miriam killed her baby by abortion recently & has a question. “I was 6 weeks pregnant, and I am Muslim. I know in my religion that the Spirit goes into the body after 4 months. This makes me feel better. I am taking medicine to prevent depression, but how did you deal with the emotion of sadness?” What would you say to Miriam?

One Response to “What Would You Say…to Miriam?”

  1. Jubilee

    The emotion of sadness is difficult to deal with, but is is very natural. You feel depressed and sad because you were already that baby’s mother and as such were to be it’s protector and caregiver. The process of pregnancy is meant to strengthen the bond between you and your child, a bond that has already begun before women choose to terminate it. As a woman, you are specially designed by God to be a nurturer of life, not an ender of it. Jesus says in the book of
    John that He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He is not an ender of life, either. He is a merciful God and will extend mercy towards you and grace in what you are going through if you cry out to Him. But
    He also affirms through David in Psalm 139 that He knit you together in your mother’s womb. God creates life, including your life. No one had the right to destroy you. Even early in pregnancy there is much about a baby that looks developed. Life matters to
    God and it matters to us as women. That is why you are feeling sad. But Jesus is a Redeemer. He is the only
    One who can redeem what you are going through.

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